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ACL Fest review: Parquet Courts

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Ramon Ramirez

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 5, 2013

It’s a college football Saturday, and even during sets by Brooklyn-by-way-of-Austin punk rockers, it’s an unmissable backdrop ‘round these parts. Here that culture clash got beautiful. A bro decked out in a Johnny Manziel shirt and matching Aggie cap stood stage left during Parquet Court’s Saturday morning set, collecting phone picks in awe. After 45 minutes of depth-in-breadth, navel-gazing, feedback-infused rock, an eager man in an LSU cap, with pointed first down vigor shouted, “I’d never heard of them. That was awesome.” Extra credit to Parquet Courts for the professional churning. Dive bar rockers historically perform early during ACL, often licking their night before wounds on-stage and qualifying the weak lack of planning with self-effacing jokes about the time of day. During guitar tuning lulls the band wasn’t interested in making cracks. But save for a pair of mis-timed rock outs, the Courts were surgical. Singer Andrew Savage saved it for the performance—all melancholic slides, wanderlust lyrics about going from guts to mind. His little bro, Max, in a New York Yankee cap, kept efficient time on drums. Bassist Sean Yeaton lurched on his instrument center-stage like the purple gorilla from Showbiz Pizza. It wasnt Lamar Pedestrian Bridge circle pits like last March, but I preferred the controlled, deftly voiced player’s guide through new EP “Tally All the Things That You Broke.”