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ACL Fest Day 1.2: My crowd

Michael Barnes

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 4, 2013

Made my first round of the field. Mostly rootsy bands. Folks squeezed into the scarce shade. It’s partly cloudy and humid. All anyone can talk about is the impending cold front. Discovered a disorienting array of band, tour and fest T-shirts at ACL Fest Store. Also shade. Counted tall flags at Courtyard Dogs: Germany, Finland, UK, Hawaii, Colorado, California, Texas, LSU, Canada, Czech Republic, and aptly, the United Nations. Found my crowd waiting for Pacha Massive at the Zilker Tent. What I think of as the Austin Now tribe. Global. Aware. Open. Smart. Fun. Fit. Kind. (No elbowing.) To the gently subdued dance music, club kids and gay guys swayed. Oldsters in floppy fisherman hats, young dudes in floppy fishermen hats. Skin. ACL Fest is one of the few places where the folks who wear minimal apparel in public can make a fair argument for doing so.