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ACL Scene Report: Festgoers Try Keeping Cool

Nancy Flores

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 5, 2013

When are temperatures dropping again? ACL festgoers anxiously awaited the expected cooler temperatures Saturday, but in the meantime they did everything they could to keep cool. Some found refuge under Zilker trees, others huddled on tiny strips of shade found next to stages and some folks just parked themselves at the misting station.

Many booths in the ACL Cares area are giving away fans, but I spotted one lady who folded her festival map into a beautiful fan. When the mercury rises, people get creative. Umbrellas offered portable shade and are also a popular festival accessory. Thank goodness for the water filling stations that keep thirsty festgoers hydrated and cool. There’s a constant stream of people coming through to fill up their water bottles, water pouches and even baby bottles.

Cooler weather couldn’t come soon enough.