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ACL Fest scene report: The Lone Bellow

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Brian T. Atkinson/For American-Statesman

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 6, 2013

The Lone Bellow – a rapidly rising Brooklyn-based outfit supporting its self-titled debut at ACL – drew a huge crowd to the Austin Ventures stage Sunday afternoon. We caught up with singers Zach Williams and Kanene Donehey Pipkin, whose gear was misplaced on a flight from Berlin, Germany, last night, briefly afterward.

Williams: “ACL’s really cool. You go to a bunch of festivals and you can smell the vibe real quick, whether it’s gonna be real fun or uptight. This is one of those real down home festivals, kind of a pressure point of American culture.

“This is way less stressful than South by. We played 17 shows at the last one in a week. This is the first time we’ve come back and it felt like we connected. It’s good to see some of the other bands. I want to see the National and Phosphorescent.

Pipkin: “We had a really fast connection from Germany to New York to get to Austin. We had about 30 minutes. We went through an express place and they let us put our suitcases on the belt and put our gear on the side and were like, “We’ll take care of it.” It didn’t make it. We had to borrow all of our gear.”

Williams: “Our tour manager knows a guy Jeff at Fender who absolutely made the show happen – pedals, cables, two acoustic guitars, two electric guitars – and saved the day.”