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ACL Fest scene report: Foxygen

Eric Webb

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 6, 2013

Normally, you don’t want audience members sarcastically yelling “We woke up early for this!” at the end of your ACL Fest set. But we’re not all Foxygen.

The California band’s noon engagement on the Samsung Galaxy stage ended 16 minutes early. After reportedly kicking people out of the pit at one point and a bout of primal screaming into his microphone, singer Sam France abruptly declared the set over and exited the side of the stage. A slightly confused crowd, some irritated, milled around before taking the hint and leaving as crew broke the stage down.

The set was marked by erratic behavior from France throughout, audience member Kenneth Kluver said. France ranted incoherently during the set, Kluver said. At one point the singer, hobbled by an injured leg and using a cane, fell over on the stage, Kluver said.

“But I thought it was entertaining,” he added.

San Francisco middle school teacher Laura Manion, in town for bands like Wilco and Vampire Weekend, wasn’t taken aback by Foxygen’s wild side.

“They didn’t take themselves too seriously,” Manion said. “I’m definitely going to buy their record. The energy level made me feel really young, in a junior high sort of way.”