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ACL Fest review: Divine Fits

Joe Gross

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 6, 2013

Man, a good cover is the best. A good cover sheds light on both the covering act and the covered artist, throwing both parties’ music into a new context.

Divine Fits, the band featuring members of Spoon, Wolf Parade and New Bomb Turks, broke out a doozy Sunday afternoon when they played Frank Ocean’s “Lost.” Sung by Fits bassist/Spoon mainman Britt Daniel, the song seemed to energize the band, an already decent set given a little jolt.

“It’s a good day for a festival,” said Britt Daniel. That dude should know. He’s played a mess of them with Spoon and he wasn’t wrong. Glorious weather (though not as cool as we all hoped — let’s be real) didn;t hurt the band’s tight set of tighter songs. The band only has the one album, last year’s “A Thing Called Divine Fits,” and a killer single, this year’s “Chained to Love”/”Ain’t That the Way,” to its name and most of both were cranked out, Daniel and guitarist/Wolf Parade guy Dan Boeckner trading off vocals. Boekner even dropped the guitar for the bass-free “My Love is Real.”

It was solid stuff, but songs such as “Civilian Stripes” and “Baby Get Worse,” with their clipped riffs and Daniels’ voice, made you wonder when and if a new Spoon album was in the offing (not to mention a new Frank Ocean album per that killer cover). But “Chained to Love” is a sign that the band might be getting its own sound together apart from either of the songwriters’ other acts. Long may they pop and lock.