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ACL Fest Day 3.0: They love the cool

Michael Barnes

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 6, 2013

No surprise: The change in weather has brought about a change in mood. “It makes it easier to get through the day,” says Los Angeles attorney Marcos Sasso. “The first day, mid-fest, was brutal.” His wife, teacher Amanda Sasso, says: “Don’t know how it’s been in the past, but this is what I’d call ideal.” Cool breeze. Zero humidity. What’s not to like? The Sassos also like splitting the last concert of the night between the two biggest acts. “We run back and forth about 100 yards.” “In years past, it’s been about extremes,” says Los Angeles digital marketer Steve Miller. “You had your mud year, your dust year, your extreme heat year. The Dillo Dirt year just about put a stop to ACL for me.” It’s film worker Elliott Crowe’s first fest. “It’s been pleasant enough since it’s not so hot.” Miller thought the Depeche Mode set was “legendary.” Crowe liked Passion Pit. “I stand in the back of the crowd because there’s lots of room to dance. Plus I’m tall, so I can still see from behind.” “I decided to wear pants instead of shorts,” Miami to Austin market developer Kirk Perez sums up. “It’s just much more manageable today. Even the walk here.” Coach’s group employee Jesi Grisham-Perez warns, however, that the UV index didn’t change with the wather. “You feel like it’s cooler but you still gotta apply sun screen.” Both were impressed by Mowgli’s set earlier on Day 3. “Really played to the crowd,” Perez says. “Got a plane to fly overhead with a banner: Mowgli loves Austin.” Grisham-Perez was glad to see more country artists on the act list this year, indeed a decidedly varied line-up for ACL.