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ACL Fest: Day 2.3: Celebrity missing

Michael Barnes

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 5, 2013

Especially for a social columnist, I am no good at spotting celebrities. Famously, Leonardo DiCaprio brushed right past me during a SXSW party at Kenichi. As I sit here in between acts at ACL Music Fest — extravgantly talented Passion Pit might just have showed up the Cure! — I’m certain celebrities lurk in my peripheral vision. I’m better at folks I’ve gotten to know over the course of years in Austin. Just bumped into Catherine Robb, for instance, a U.S. senator’s daughter and a U.S. president’s granddaughter, plus a civic leader in her own right. She had just said hi to former Mayor Will Wynn, whom I texted earlier about the brief rumor, propagated by Evan Smith, that Wynn’s partner, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, would introduce Kings of Leon tonight. Would make some sense. To her fans, Davis is a rock star. (May I remind you that two years ago, when she had just 2,000 Twitter followers, I predicted she would run for statewide office?). Smith subsequently retracted the absolute prophecy, but the possibility exists. Guess I’ll hit Kings of Leon before the Cure just to be sure. Everyone I’ve talked to is somewhat nervous about the great, depressing 80s act headed by the enigmatic Robert Smith. We all must go, because how many times do you get that chance? But how will they hold up? Could see a wave of humanity head in that direction, then fade back toward the Kings or the gate. Glorious night for it. Every act sounds good now.