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ACL Fest scene report: To Richie, or not to Richie?

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 11, 2013

As Weekend 2 of ACL Fest begins, are fest goers planning to hit up the Sunday night headliner Lionel Richie, or not?

Positive reviews from Weekend 1 and respect for an “elder statesman” of music were enough for some people to put Richie in their plans, but others still aren’t convinced enough to stick it out Sunday night or skip Atoms for Peace.

To Richie:

Michelle Whipple and Maddie Block of LA went to high school with his daughter Sophia. They were surprised to see him on the lineup but heard he was great and will check him out.

Yolanda Torres and Liz Wright of Austin. Our co-worker said he was fantastic last weekend. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t deliver musically. #360acl

Carrie Wischropp and Dhyana Landa from Austin. I remember watching ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ on MTV as a kid and I loved it. I can’t wait! #360acl

Sarah and Ryan Underbrink of Fort Worth. We heard it was surprisingly good last weekend. We’ll give it a try. #360acl

Not to Richie:

Paul and Kathleen Lister of Austin. We’re probably not coming on Sunday but it’s kind of cool. He’s an elder statesman of r&b #360acl

Debra Cassidy of Houston and Brent Grady of Austin are psyched about Atoms for Peace (Richie’s) gonna lose out on that head to head. #360acl

Split vote:

Alex Vietti of Phoenix and her mom Kaye of Fr Worth. Alex: They always have that token old person at the end. Kaye: they save the best for last. #360acl