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ACL Fest Day 5.2: Rain would be a relief

Michael Barnes

Editor’s note: This article was originally published October 12, 2013

Friday, it rained briefly, but hard enough to tale the edge off. ACL Music Festival fans might not mind a repeat. ACC student Doug Crosley isn’t worried about the predicted rain. “It’s only water,” he says. “And it will cool everything off.” Lightning? “As long as it doesn’t strike me, I’m OK.” Guests were split on the merits of the $1,000 VIP passes. “This is our first year to try it,” says Austin economist Melissa Culberson. “I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I mean, a golf cart picked us up at the MoPac bridge and delivered us here. There’s good food, free drinks. This is just an amazing experience.” Her friend, Brockett Davidson, who works for an architect, agrees. “I’m just taking it all in,” he says. “Just having chairs in the shade helps.” Would they ever consider upgrading to All Access? Culberson: “That must be some kind of Wizard of Oz experience.” Pat and Sam Pieggi, educators from Toronto, are not so sold on the VIP thing. “I’m disappointed,” Pat says. “Were is the preferred seating? Why cant we take our beers out? I wouldn’t do this again.” Sam: “I expected more for my extra $800.” The pair, here for Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday, was ready for the weather — whatever it brings. “We have ponchos,” Pat says. “We are Canadians. We come prepared. We left the fleece back in the hotel, in case it get cold.” Sam: “Hey, this is like home: Humid with a thunderstorm to come.” Statistician Dave Andrae is comforted by the familiar rhythms of ACL. “I think it’s been very similar to last year,” he says. “Although the crowds have been a little smaller, which is good. And the sound has definitely improved.”