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Who was that crowdsurfer in a wheelchair at Fun Fun Fun?

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Michael Corcoran

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 11, 2013

Amidst the various crowd surfers at Fun Fun Fun Fest, Brandon Stone stood out. The 32-year-old Tulsa, OK native has been in a wheelchair since a car accident eight years ago. He was hoisted above the crowd during Slayer’s set Sunday night, but made his debut as a wheelchaired crowdsurfer during the Descendents set the night before. “The Descendents started playing and everybody was going crazy,” Stone recalled Monday. “I was in the middle of all that and I was pointing up.” It took about four people to hoist him overhead and he was passed to the stage. During Slayer’s first two or three songs, Stone was pounding his fists and banging his head to the music.

“I forgot I was in a wheelchair,” he said. “Overcoming that fear and being able to do something that even able-bodied people are hesitant to do was just so liberating.”

Stone was in town visiting his boss and best friend Joe Rice, whose executive search firm recently relocated to Austin. “He’s been my best friend for 10 years, even before the accident,” Rice said. Stone was intentionally rammed at a red light in Philadelphia by a man trying to commit suicide, Rice said. “He’s exactly the same as he ever was,” Rice said. “He inspires me every day because he’s not going to let (his disability) change his life if he can help it.”

Rice said Stone may be moving to Austin for his job soon.