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This Week’s Playlist: Speed!

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 11, 2013

On the off-chance that you’re breathing a sigh of relief and celebrating the fact that festival season in Austin is over, we have bad news. There’s this little international racing event revving up for this weekend.

With it, a whole host of side parties and events are scheduled to shift Austin life into high gear. Some of them are high dollar theme bashes catering to the fanciest of our out-of-town guests, but there are also a mess of fun free events for both racing enthusiasts and curious bystanders. Austin Fan Fest will run 6 stages of free music in Downtown Austin from Thursday through Sunday. In addition there will be race simulators, kids activities and more.

Team 360 might not make it down to the Circuit of the Americas this weekend, but all the Formula One excitement has us dreaming of life in the fast lane, which inspired This Week’s Playlist: Speed!a fast-paced collection of road songs that put the pedal to the medal. Enjoy!