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FFF: Sunday scene report

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Ramon Ramirez

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 11, 2013

The eighth annual Fun Fun Fun Fest’s final day began slowly with a push notification from the event’s official app about “doing it one more time.” The rallying text was appreciated, but on-sight the early risers were zombies. This thing builds in free nightlife, after all.

Shortly after noon, a group of “Star Wars”-inspired weekend warriors—most noticeably a gentleman in a Tusken Raider mask—drovedanced like lonely fools to canned rap singles from A$AP Rocky. A weary troop member on a bench said that they’d just competed in the Intergalactic Beauty Pageant.

More than the veritable craft beer tasting of leading ideas in garage rock, punk, metal, hip-hop and electronica, Fun Fun Fun Fest is a convergence of weird, interesting subcultures. There are bikers and skaters; graffiti artists; do-gooders with petitions; the part-time wrestlers. By Sunday so many ear drums were blown that wanderers seemed content to gawk at the Anarchy Championship Wrestling matches.

A Black Stage security guard named D.C. said that ringside at ACW Sunday, brave (read: drunk) patrons were crowding the platform and challenging the talent. “You don’t want to do that,” he said, “These guys are trained in death match.”

D.C. also said that the Black Stage’s biggest security challenge Sunday proved to be dealing with the stage divers during San Diego, Calif. grindcore quartet, The Locust. During The Locust’s set one kid reportedly did a “front-flip into nothing.”

Elsewhere, the comedy tent was perpetually muggy and sardine-stuffed because Sarah Silverman is famous and awesome. I didn’t catch Silverman, regrettably, but I did catch Rob Delaney join a long line of rude, forward comedians that talk far too openly about their man parts.

Bushwick Bill—there to cameo with Ice-T on the Blue and Black Stages Saturday—was spotted Sunday in the Frank barbecue tent enjoying delicious meat. The Geto Boy rap legend has become something of an unofficial Austin canary in the mine-shaft for good times over the past year. This was before the sweepingly gorgeous chillwave of Perry, Ga.-born Ernest Greene. Greene’s musical byline is Washed Out, and the opening few songs from August’s “Parcosm” provided tent-folding serenity to the weekend.

The most popular “who are you here to see?” answer Sunday was undoubtedly Deltron 3030. A vaporizer-puffing, bearded, ginger Rick Rubin-looking man named Phillip said that he drove to the festival from Arizona because of this rap collaboration from producer Dan The Automator and rapper Del The Funky Homosapien. One destined-for-disappointment Sunday attendee said that he was most excited to see Snoop Dogg.

Metal ambassadors Slayer, turn-of-the-century hip-hop golden era revivalists Jurassic 5 and soul machine King Khan proved balanced and satisfying stage-closers. Some of us found the energy for one more Nites show—Vegatron, The Impossibles and Flesh Lights turned out Hotel Vegas like the local legends they are—but most Fun Fun Fun Fest consenters were already lusting for November 2014 at home when the romantic push notification from the festival’s app hit their smart phones, “I miss you already.”