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FFF scene report: Chromatics and Glass Candy

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 9, 2013

The two closely related but markedly different Portland bands drew crowds to the blue stage in the late afternoon/early evening on Saturday. The lushly textured, melancholy shoe gaze of the Chromatics worked like a siren song, attracting a sea of people that stretched from the walkway all the way across to the northern fence. As a moderate cloud cover blew across Auditorium Shores fans seemed to revel in the slow moving, dreamy afternoon interlude.

Glass Candy, a band that shares multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel with the Chromatics had a more upbeat approach. Their sound combines post-millennial synth-pop with elements of disco and a dash of intergalactic symphony thrown in just for fun. Vocalist Ida No, rocking pink hair and a silver lame getup that would not be at all out-of-place on the Federation Starship Enterprise, performed vocal acrobatics, channeling Siouxie Sioux, moving with the unceasing energy of a Jazzercise instructor. For the second half of the performance the two were joined on stage by two dancers wearing black and white fringed tops and red bootie shorts. Their choreographed routines which included trios with No were visually fantastic. At the end of the show Ms. No sang her love to the crowd, and as Jewel’s keys rose into a fuzzed out, strobe lit crescendo No and the two dancers did a beautiful slow motion body surf through the crowd. They drew a smaller crowd, but took everything out on an insanely climatic note.