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FFF review: The Descendents

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Andy O’Connor

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 10, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest runs on indie nostalgia the way Austin runs on complaining about traffic. While the Descendents are part of that in a way, their performance, as headliners of the Black Stage, on Saturday was enhanced by the fact that at the core of it all, people are REALLY into this band. The California punk group made timeless records like “All” and “Milo Goes to College” that detailed everyday, banal concerns with righteous punk energy, and decades later, that still resonates. Kids of all ages — this is the band who wrote “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” and proclaimed “thou shalt not commit adulthood” — were stagediving with glee. After “Grow Up,” singer Milo Aukerman referred to the mosh pit as the “plumbers’ pit.” One kid bowed before Aukerman, violating the punk principle of “No Gods, No Masters.” Of course, when your only principle is playing good music, who cares? Most garden variety punk bands who stick to their “ideals” don’t have people in wheelchairs crowdsurfing (and because of that, the Descendents are in an elite group with Bolt Thrower). Even if “Everything Sucks” like they say, they put on a wallop of a show that gave fans an hour to forget about whatever it is that’s bothering them. Truly the pursuit of “All” in action.