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FFF Fest scene report: Killer Mike on the skate ramp

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 10, 2013

It was 2013’s greatest idea that didn’t quite happen.

Killer Mike, who replaced Action Bronson on the bill last week was scheduled to perform Sunday on the “Rides” stage. No one was sure exactly what that meant until the Atlanta emcee appeared at the top of the one of the festival’s skate ramps.

Despite a tight space to work with, the rapper seemed thoroughly amused by the unorthodox stage set up. “I’m a big man, watching me get up here was part of the show,” he joked.

Unfortunately the skate ramp sound system was not equipped for the emcee’s Dirty South beats. After 15 minutes or so of failed attempts to make it work, and a few excellent crowd-assisted a capellas, the plan was abandoned.

In the midst of the subsequent confusion and minor irritation Killer Mike proved himself to be the nicest dude on the planet. Placing his hand on the staffer who had clearly put his best effort into the attempt, he had the crowd repeat, “I forgive this man” several times, and he promised to play a night show. (The show has been scheduled for 11 p.m. tonight at Red 7).

Then, in a bizarre turn, as Killer Mike came down, the crowd poured into the curve of the skate ramp. The emcee came through the center of the crowd, shaking hands, giving pounds and graciously taking pictures with fans.

In the end, no one seemed particularly put out that the stunt flopped. Because seriously, God bless the brilliant lunatics that run this festival and their Taco Cannoned, hip-hop skate ramp dreams.