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FFF Fest review: Tycho

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Luke Quinton

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 10, 2013

Tycho caught a nice moment on the blue stage at Saturday’s Fun Fest. The San Francisco three-piece play rhythmic pop that’s supremely chilled out on recordings, but their live show flows in epic waves, much to the delight of the crowd, who were, uh, pretty chilled out themselves.

It’s always a pleasure when electronic acts work out live, with an elegant bass and percussion anchoring Scott Hansen’s warbling keyboard melodies.

There’s a sign that their new record will be slightly punchier, and those tracks, like “Awake,” had sparkly melodies that had people movin’. Tycho played just after sunset and that didn’t hurt the mood either. Someone passed around trippy paper glasses that splayed out the light show.

There’s an obvious Boards of Canada likeness, but Tycho would rather smooth things out rather than throw in complications. The video running behind them attests to that, with its aerial shots of canyons, beaches and surfing. It would be hard to find something any more Californian.