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FFF Fest review: Flatbush Zombies

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 9, 2013

The Brooklyn hip-hop outfit currently making rapid moves toward a full force breakout is one of the most appropriate Fun Fun Fun Fest bookings I can conjure. Two of three emcees favor the same sort of guttural vocalization favored by snarling metal acts. All three project the kind of furious energy that whips a crowd into a frenzy. They would not be at all out of place on the Black Stage and a mosh pit broke out in the center of the crowd several times during their afternoon set.

The prowl the stage, sometimes crouched for attack at times exploding into wild pogo jumping that sets the crowd in motion. For the most part the group employs ominous simmering slow grooves to serve as a backdrop for hyper aggressive rhyme styling, but they also dropped the beats out entirely to close out a couple tracks with impressive lengthy a capellas.

As for subject matter they cover all the hip-hop standards, weed, lady parts, malice toward law enforcement, but they also effectively dabble in the macabre. A standout moment was their (eponymous?) track “Zombie Juice” with its crowd baiting hook “Whatchu gonna do when the Zombies come for you? Murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill.”

Performing to a rabidly exuberant crowd that was only marginally smaller than the one Lupe Fiasco rocked the night before, it’s easy to see that this crew has nowhere to go but up.