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FFF Fest review: Chelsea Light Moving

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Luke Quinton

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 9, 2013

Thurston Moore’s time as a vital innovator of 1990s noise is over for now, and some of the kids that Sonic Youth inspired are grown up and making more compelling records with bands of their own.

But Moore’s new band, Chelsea Light Moving, will always have his devoted fans’ attention, and they played a solid set at Fun Fun Fun Fest’s orange stage Saturday.

“Bands who don’t break strings — don’t trust ‘em,” Moore told the crowd after he’d just finished breaking his second. And there is something to that advice, of playing loud and hard.

And that’s exactly what his fans got. Plenty of big distorted power chords and twinkling, dissonant guitar riffs. Moore dedicated one song to Roky Ericson, with scathing distortion that builds and then comes crashing down into gentle fingerpicking.

The crowd was subdued, but then, most of these kids were born in the 90s. No doubt the graybeards got what they wanted.