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FFF Fest review: Cayucas

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Ramon Ramirez

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 10, 2013

Santa Monica’s Cayucas opened with “Cayucas,” the opening sliver of patois-oscillating daylight from the quartet’s sticky April debut record, “Bigfoot.” It’s snap-along pop—the kind that inspires a bleach-haired toddler to perform expressionist cartwheels in the grass. When the thematic geography switches to rainy urban scapes with subways, Zach Yudin’s knack for surfer-esque, nonchalant optimism remains. His twin, Ben, plodded along on bass in denim like a happy farmer.

Cayucas found their beach on a muggy, sympathetic Orange Stage early Sunday. I think the test for these guys—no doubt destined for the more lucrative ACL pastures next year—is whether or not those of us who were out late at Nites shows would be able to tolerate the unapologetic optimism. We could.

At his best, Zach sings like former Austinite-turned-New York art rocker Martin Crane of Brazos—disheveled, pot-tinged, intra-personal vocals with mature words like “I’ve been watching the movie all day long wondering if there was gonna be an ending.” They dispensed earnest adoration for Slayer and dapped the onstage taco cannon parked next to their rigs. Can’t stay mad at these chill bros; bet they host sick cookouts.