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This Week’s Playlist: Family & Food

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published November 25, 2013

Ah, Thanksgiving. Unless you’re giving the family a pass and opting to take part in a Friendsgiving celebration instead, odds are pretty good that most of us will be gathering with our loved ones for a 24-48 hour exercise in overindulgence. Consequently, we decided to make This Week’s Playlist: Family & Food, a sentimental sensory smogasbord.

Representing for the loved ones we have Vampire Weekend and all of their ‘Cousins,’ the Avett Brothers quiet disavowal of vengeance and the Ramone’s, who keep it real for ‘happy families’ everywhere. Jill Scott’s ‘Family Reunion’ is so rich with details you can almost taste Neicey’s disconcertingly green potato salad and Common’s swoops in for a brief ‘Celebration’ with all his people.

There’s no turkey in This Week’s Playlist, but Charlies Mingus “Eats That Chicken,” Ella Fitzgerald indulges in a “Savoy Truffle” and Shinyribs drowns his depair with lime juice. Finally, the Fat Boys remind us that this holiday is most certainly an “All You Can Eat” affair.

Indulge, liberally in This Week’s Playlist: Family & Food.