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From Beyonce to Kanye: The 50 Best Albums of 2013

Eric Webb

Editor’s note: This article was originally published December 20, 2013

Michael Corcoran counted down his picks for the 13 Top Local Albums of 2013 in Friday’s print issue of Austin360. Once you’re finished listening to the very best the Live Music Capital had to offer us, take a trip out of Austin city limits.

Here are the 50 Best Albums of 2013 from around the country and beyond. Of course, they are absolutely not the end-all-be-all “best,” but they are this humble writer’s favorites. (My favorites as of now, that is.) Remember: When it comes to music, one man’s trash is another man’s “Yeezus.”

The albums run the gamut from vintage-styled indie rock to bright synth-pop to raucous hip-hop, but they have at one thing in common: They made this year interesting, for one reason or another.

Check out the countdown, from 50 to my favorite album of the year. Did your favorite record miss the cut? Is this list bogus? Wondering where Jay-Z is? Sound off in the comments.