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Austin music 2013 - Andy O’Connor’s highlights

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Andy O’Connor

Editor’s note: This article was originally published December 28, 2013

Iron Age’s Fun Fun Fun Fest aftershow at Holy Mountain. Austin’s finest metal band arose from slumber once again to get hardcore kids moshing to righteous thrash metal. The show served as as a warm-up for their appearance at Not Dead Yet in Toronto, and if that was just them stretching, imagine what Canada felt. They were even better than (half of) Slayer. Be on the lookout for vocalist Jason Tarpey’s new band Eternal Champion, an homage to the early ’80s metal of Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol.

The Weeknd/Youth Code double-header on Sept. 23. Cedar Park Center got the Weeknd’s jaded cool and Tokyo fetishism, while Youth Code brought aggressive EBM (not EDM!) to Mohawk. Two shows in one night? That’s being a real Austinite. Admittedly, both shows were under-attended, which goes to show some people don’t realize Mondays can be the best night of the week every once in a while.

Chris Ulsh dominating the metal game. Dude was on a lot of great Texas metal and punk records this year: Power Trip’s “Manifest Decimation,” Mammoth Grinder’s “Underworlds,” Criaturas’ “Espiritu de Libertad,” Hatred Surge’s “Human Overdose” and the Impalers’ self-titled (released on Chaos in Tejas head honcho Timmy Hefner’s 540 records). Here’s to 2014 being even more productive and savage.

Housecore. Sure, the horror movies were pretty lame. But the music was ace — Goblin performing the Suspiria score live, Pallbearer, Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, and Housecore lead dude Phil Anselmo’s Down were all highlights. In addition, Dale Crover proved he’s one of the hardest working drummers out there by not only playing with his main group, the Melvins, but for filling in with local scuzzes Honky and New Orleans metal institution Eyehategod, whose drummer Joe LaCaze died in August.

Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane at Chaos in Tejas at Hotel Vegas. One of the most turned-up shows of the year, rap or otherwise. Virgina’s illest, Lil Ugly Mane, made his first and possibly only Austin appearance. Antwon, hailing from the Bay Area, shouted out Whataburger and made the already sweltering June even hotter with the future summer classic “Living Every Dream.”