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SXSW Band of the Day: A.Dd+

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 5, 2014

It’s coming: For a glorious six-day stretch starting March 11, the music world will have all eyes and ears on the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin. Leading up to the festival, we will profile a different artist each day.

From: Dallas, Texas

Online:Bandcamp; Facebook

SXSW showcase: TBA

About the artist: Moment of truth, Houston hip-hop gets all the national shine, but there’s a lot to be said for Dallas’ unsung hip-hop scene. Dallas resounds with soul (thanks, Ms. Badu) and boasts some crazy forward thinking production (thanks, Picnic Tyme). This Dallas duo destroyed a Free Week set at Red 7 a month ago and they’ll be back in town next Thursday for a Red Bull Sound Select set with Yung Nation, The League of Extraordinary Gz and Kydd Jones.

360: What’s the story behind your band’s name?

Arrias Walls a.k.a. Paris Pershun: A.Dd+ is derived from my first name’s initial “A” (Arrias) and growing up we called Slim, “Dd”, for his first name (Dionte). We simply took the two and played off the disorder a.d.d. The plus sign signifies being better at our craft than others. Being beyond the norm and always adding different elements to our craft.

A lot of people in Austin have a clear concept of the characteristics that define the Houston hip-hop sound. What defines Dallas?

Honestly i feel like the Dallas music scene, specifically the hip hop scene, is changing drastically. Venues are more open to hip hop concerts now so that gives us more opportunity to work within the city, something lots of people before us didn’t have. The newer artists have created a new sound. A new sound and lyrics that show we can compete with even the best major artists that are out now. We’ve carved out a lane to gain respect and notoriety. We dont wanna be known for gimmicks and dances. No offense to anyone that has. But we are building a new breed of Dallas artist. It’s innovative and creative and competitive.

You brought a lot of energy to your Free Week show at Red 7 last month which culminated with you and your partner Slim Gravy jumping into the crowd and finishing your set in a near mosh pit situation. As an artist, what do you gain from vibing with your audience in that way.

That’s our way of building a stronger connection with new and familiar fans. We like to jump out on the last song as sort of a finale. We want to give people something to talk about when they leave. Whether it’s us crowd surfing or mosh pitting or just getting in peoples faces to get their attention. We try to captivate the audience one song at a time and then just exploding at the end.

Could share a bill with: Deltron 3030, Danny Brown, N.E.R.D.