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Former site of Stevie Ray Vaughan video shoots to launch

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published February 7, 2014

Texas soul legend Barbara Lynn and her grandchildren The Johnsons are scheduled to play the North Door tomorrow night. We caught up with the lovely Ms. Lynn last week to talk about her biggest hit “You’ll Lose a Good Thing,” her long musical history and the time Mick Jagger called her up to tell her he wanted to record one of her songs.

Lynn told us she “felt like falling through the floor,” but she tried to act cool.

“And when he hung up the phone, I ran down the hallway telling my mother and them, ‘Guess who’s fixin’ to record one of my songs!’” she said.

Read more about the show here. (paywall)

Saturday night’s gig begins a new chapter in The North Door’s history. The venue will be live taping the show for the first episode for a new Website and YouTube channel the club plans to launch in March. The motivation for the Website was to broaden the club’s reach.

“We have an extremely diverse program, kind of an arthouse program here,” MJ Smith, one of the club’s owners said by phone last week. “We’re doing stuff all over the board, not just bands.”

The North Door is a small club, with a capacity of just 300 people but the club owners feel like the content they produce has a larger audience than that. They’re trying to move their programming “outside the room.”

Located in the 501 Studios complex, the space the club occupies has a history as a film location that spans back 30 years. Richard Kooris the building’s owner, who has a production company called Xopix, said the space had a long and varied use. It served as the interior locations for the 1981 Sissy Spacek film “Raggedy Man,” and has been used for thousands of commercials. Austin legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willie Nelson shot music videos there and the Austin Music Network originated in the building.

“(The room) was purposely built for video and audio,” Kooris said. “It’s a very well insulated room, it has lots of power, it has all the accoutrements if you will of a shooting studio because that’s what it was for 30 years. It’s a lot easier to shoot good looking pictures and record great sound in a room like that than in is in a standard club.”

South by Southwest has booked the club as the only official live streaming venue for the 2014 festival and club owners have plans to live stream their own shows in the future. In addition to Ms. Lynn’s show on Saturday, the club is taping Denton garage band Bad Sports at the club next week and the Heartless Bastards on Feb. 27.


Barbara Lynn and the Soul Supporters play the North Door on Saturday. Tickets $10 adv., $12 door. More info.