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Scene report: White Denim and Turkish wraps

Staff Writer
Austin 360

By Ramon Ramirez

Editor’s note: This article was originally published March 15, 2014

Austin’s White Denim is a cash cow now, fresh off a “Jimmy Kimmel” taping and a blisteringly written, southern rock-nodding late 2013 record, “Corsicana Lemonade.”

They also packed the East 7th Kebabalicious with a $10 a head afternoon party Saturday, a bold feat for an all-free everything day of SXSW.

There were minor mixing issues on the Turkish wrap purveyor’s patio stage. A quizzical James Petralli surveyed his audience and said, about his loud band, “I feel like that’s smacking all of you in the face.”

No matter, the meter was moving—loud or not—“All I can say is get a kebab.”

“It’s helpful if you setup the mixing station in front of the speakers,” a friendly but creatively stifled Petralli later told the in-house sound guy when his vocal mics shorted.

“Whatever let’s keep playing.”

Extended, choke collar-tight jamming ensued, sans vocals.

The rock quartet was casually on, like Kevin Durant draining jumpers in warm ups, all Buffalo Exchange-grade button ups, and comfortable shoes.

They took requests too—jumping back five years to 2009’s album opening, left of the dial sonic garage opus, “Radio Milk (How Can You Stand It).”

Across the way, two Juiceland employees handed out plastic cups of cucumber margs like this was the type of campus house show you’d see White Denim at in 2007. Hooray spring break.