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Aaron Dessner talks about what’s in store for The National

Peter Blackstock

Editor’s note: This article was originally published April 17, 2014

Big-time Brooklyn indie rock band The National is known for spending significant amounts of time and effort in the studio to create exquisite sonic frameworks on albums such as last year’s “Trouble Will Find Me” – the tour for which brings them to ACL Live for three shows Monday-Wednesday of next week. So it’s intriguing that band member Aaron Dessner says they’re considering a very different approach on their next record.

“We’re talking about making an album where we’re not allowed to overdub at all,” Dessner said late last week in a phone interview. “I think that there is an energy to how we play live that we have not really captured on record. Maybe there’s moments here and there where you get that from our records. But in general our records are more a product of embracing the recording studio, and all the arrangements that we do, and the classical influence and things like that.

“But I would say The National is more of a live band in all of our minds. That’s where it lives. And it could be exciting to try to capture more of that element.”

Read more of our interview with Dessner in the Austin360 section of Friday’s paper, or here on (paywall; free to subscribers). Among the subjects Dessner discusses is his recent work as a producer with such acts as singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten and Australian duo Luluc. Here’s a live video of the latter, with Dessner sitting in on piano, playing the title track to their new album due out in July: