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Willie Nelson to stoners: ‘Don’t get high and forget to vote’

Eric Webb

Editor’s note: This article was originally published June 25, 2014

Willie Nelson envisions a grassroots movement as the best path to marijuana legalization. His advice for pot advocates is to get out the vote.

In an interview with CelebStonerNews, Austin’s country king says he thinks political participation is the most effective way for fellow marijuana enthusiasts to change drug laws, especially after legalization in Colorado and Washington. That is, if they can remember to vote:

“Find out who in their area believes the way they do and vote for them. Get out and go vote. If it’s the day to go vote, make sure you go vote before you burn one down. Don’t get high and forget to vote.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Nelson mentions his support of Texas Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis, who has backed medical marijuana. He also talked about daughter Paula’s April arrest for marijuana possession, saying a judge has since thrown the case out and removed it from her record.

[h/t Rolling Stone]