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360 Summer Mixtape: DJ Orión

Deborah Sengupta

Editor’s note: This article was originally published July 9, 2014

As the mercury rises, the streets start to sizzle and the city settles into a slightly slower groove, we present the 360 Summer Mixtape. Each week we’ll check in with a different figure in the Austin music scene for summery song selections and pro tips on keeping it cool through the hot months ahead.

Track selector: Orión Garcia Band (or crew): Peligrosa / 808k / MoreFire

Next gig: Every Saturday at Volstead; MoreFire - Every First Friday at Empire; 808K - Every Third Wednesday at Barcelona; Peligrosa - Every Third Friday at Empire Favorite cold drink: Maracuyá Mimosas Best way to cool off (that’s not Barton Springs): Only go out at night. Summer show you’re psyched about: Going on an East Coast tour at the end of July. Starting a Peligrosa in San Antonio at Hi-Tones on Aug. 8. Dave Luxe (Montreal via Belgium) + Rapid Ric on Aug. 15. Meneo (Spain) + Peligrosa at Vulcan Gas Company on Aug. 31. THREE SONGS FOR SUMMERWenu Wenu - Omar Souleyman If you’ve not noticed he’s been on a ton of major festival circuits this year. Pitchfork picked him up and have been touring him. I saw him live at Bonarroo this year and let me just say wow. Firstly, to see 10,000 North Americans dancing and raving to a man speaking in Arabic who hails from Syria is awesome. I mean the beats are all pretty monotonous and repetitive but it entrances you. The melodies are mostly all arabic scales and the songs are generally all call and response but I like that.

Aguardientaski - Los Graduados - Los Graduados from Uruguay. I had to throw in a Cumbia! I’m generally known for sticking heavily to Colombian Cumbia but this song caught my ear and as of late I have been playing it out quite a bit. Not only is it happy and upbeat, it’s hilarious. The fact that Gustavo is adding -ski to the end of every word reminds me a lot of Snoop and Outkast style lyrics, oh-ski woah-ski.

Lights Off - Schlachtofbronx - Schlachtofbronx, I didn’t know how to say it either at first. Jacob and Benedict from Munich make up this duo. This latest album, Rave and Romance, is technically their 3rd and available for free on the webs. I think what most attracts me to this song is it’s contrast. On one have you have a very sensual melody but it’s juxtaposed by club and hip hop beats with that extra bit of Nicky Da B’s ultra high vulgarity. Just my kind of party.