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The Four Weeks of Christmas Playlists, Vol. 2 – Jazz

Eric Webb

Favorite Christmas song: GO.

Instead of trying narrow down the vast catalog of recorded holiday music into one super-playlist, or instead of only devoting one playlist to Christmas music in a month that’s tailor-made for it, we’ve got the ultimate gift. Each week in December, we’ll wrap up a new Christmas music playlist in a different genre. This week: jazz.

As long as people have been recording music, they’ve been recording Christmas music. We’re not going to dip into early 1900s phonographs, but we are going to serve up the sound that many associate with the holiday season: classic jazz, big band, swing and generally classy orchestral accompaniment. Y’know, stuff from grandma’s record player and your boyfriend’s swanky office party.

The patron saint of this volume of our Christmas playlist series, Bing Crosby, should come as no surprise. Neither should tracks from Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong give you a start. This playlist would be a sham without a little Snoopy dancing, so several Vince Guaraldi Trio performances made the cut. Also dip into some newer tunes with a classic flavor from Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and Kelly Clarkson (just give it a shot).

Listen to this week’s Christmas jazz playlist, now on Spotify.