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Fun Fun Fun Fest fans wait hours for entry

Eric Pulsifer

As the sun set over Fun Fun Fun Fest day one, it seemed there were as many people outside as in, with a line for will call tickets stretching from the fest entrance a couple blocks west on Riverside to across Lady Bird Lake and spilling onto Cesar Chavez.

“I don’t think anyone expected to wait in line 3 hours just to get tickets,” said Gus Laniz, who is in from San Diego and waiting to pick up a single-day pass to see the recently reunited Death From Above 1979. “If it was the first year of the fest, it would be more understandable.” But Laniz and his friends were looking on the bright side. “The Tweets [from others in line] have been pretty funny. That’s kept us entertained.”

By the entrance, officials walked along the lenghty line, calling for single-day ticket holders and giving them priority access.

In a Gonzo costume with a crew of friends dressed as Muppets, Danny Smith of New York was inching near the entrance near 5:30 p.m. after waiting for more than 2 hours and missing his must-see for the day, Run The Jewels. “I was expecting to be in line for like 15 minutes,” he said. “Obviously, this is super poor planning. I’ve been to a lot of festivals, but I’ve never seen anything this bad. It’s ridiculous.”

Farther from the fest gates, Kim Boike of Austin had been in line for 90 minutes and was just reaching the corner of Riverside. She was hoping to catch Blood Brothers tonight but now realized that wasn’t likely. “The line at ACL this year was just like ‘pew.’ The longest I waited was like 10 minutes.” Boike said the line picked up speed around 5 p.m. but that she had yet to see anyone from the festival come by to provide a status update back where she was waiting.