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FFF Fest artist spotlight: Flying Lotus

Staff Writer
Austin 360

Artist:Flying Lotus (FlyLo to his fans)

From: Los Angeles

At the fest: 7:25 p.m. Sunday, Blue Stage

About the artist: “You’re Dead!” the new album from producer Steven Ellison is an expansive composition that blends soulfully orchestrated vocal harmonies and mind-boggling, complicated jazz over loosely constructed hip-hop grooves. The album is a sprawling meditation on life and death. Ellison pulls from the past, including his own familial roots which trace back to the Coltrane clan, even as he reaches toward the future. Guest spots from everyone from Herbie Hancock to Kendrick Lamar provide guideposts along the journey.

Currently on tour, Ellison has been splitting his time on stage between lengthy sections spent encased in a cube of screens that host an elaborate visual display interspersed with segments spitting rhymes as his alter ego Captain Murphy. His close friend and fellow free jazz hooligan Thundercat, who plays on the Blue stage earlier in the afternoon, has also been providing instrumental accompaniment on the tour, which by all accounts is a grandiose, engrossing spectacle.

Could share a bill with: Deltron 3030, DJ Spooky, Bonobo

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