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Austin360 music shows, Feb. 28 - March 6

Bun B will play Thursday at the Marc.


The ABGB: Nic Armstrong & the Thieves

Anderson Mill Tavern: Kevin & the Krawlers

Austin Music Hall: Vince Gill, Robert Frith

B.D. Riley’s: Bracken Hale

Beerland: The Damn Times, Leland, Call Me Animal, John Schooley & the Houserockers

The Belmont: Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Dom Flemons, the Dex Romweber Duo

The Blackheart: Videoing, Nervous Curtains

Brass House: Magnificent 7

The Broken Spoke: Lohmann’s Crossing, Cornell Hurd

The Buzz Mill: The Love Leighs

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul: Dupree, Barfield

Cactus Cafe: B. Sterling

Carousel Lounge: Meganoke, Fighting Brothers McCarthy

Cedar Street Courtyard: Hi Fidelity

Central Market North Lamar: Ruby Jane; Westgate: Flying Balalaika Brothers

Cheatham Street Warehouse: Clay McClinton

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Nic Armstrong, Subspace

Chisholm Trail Ballroom: Ray Wylie Hubbard

The Continental Club: The Blues Specialists, White Ghost Shivers, Flying Balalaika Brothers; Gallery: The Robert Kraft Trio, the Mike Flanigin Trio

Dirty Dog Bar: Butcherwhite, Crimson Devils, the Act Natural

Dizzy Rooster: The Street Kingz

Donn’s Depot: Donn & the Station Masters

The Driskill Hotel: Danny Britt, Starlings TN

East Side Showroom: Rio Novo

The Elephant Room: James Polk’s Centerpiece, Gaila Kenneally, Slim Richey

Evangeline Cafe: Redd Volkaert

Fado: Matt Cline

Firehouse Hostel & Lounge: The Lucky Strikes

Flamingo Cantina: Yard Squad, Zion, Richy Rych

Flipnotics: Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs, Amy Atchley

Four Seasons Hotel Austin Lobby Lounge: Murphy’s InLaws

Freddie’s Place: Cade Baccus

Friends Bar: JT Coldfire

Ginny’s Little Longhorn: The Kem Watts Band, Mike Stinson

Gypsy Lounge: The Wyldz

Headhunters: Inch of Dark, Cryptonics, Holy Kakow, Clank

The Hole in the Wall: Mammoth Indigo, Televangelist, Vorcha

Hotel Vegas: Strategies, Church Shoes, the Zoltars, John Wesley Coleman, Trustees

Junior’s Icehouse: Paul Renna, Fusion

Kingdom: Digitalism

Lamberts: Carter Beckworth, Ben Balmer

Legendary White Swan: Articles of Sot, Blood(Expletive), Babosos del Valle, (Expletive) Eastwood, Gaff

Liberty Tree Tavern: The Lunar Rollers

Lone Star Court: Evolution

The Lucky Lounge: Sleeping on Silver

Mercer Street Dance Hall: Dalton Gray & Contraband

The Mohawk: Passion Pit, Flying Turns, Total Unicorn, My Education, Many Birthdays

NeWorlDeli: Jean Synodinos

The North Door: Back to Back, Impalers, Power Trip, Institute Glue

Nutty Brown Cafe: Cold Steel Revolver

One World Theatre: Lettermen

One-2-One Bar: Colin de los Santos, Dead Tree Duo, Un Chien, Machine Don’t Lie

Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe: Doc Pointer

The Parish: Ghosts of Dixie, Snake Skin Prison, Cosmic Wolf, Burn Ban, Redefine, Inch of Dark

Poodie’s: Charlie Pierce, Bo Davis & the Dreamers, Eric Tessmer

The Rattle Inn: Slim Bawb, Ryan Beaver

Red Eyed Fly: The Nimbus, Sad Wings, Wicked Angel, Entropist

Riley’s Tavern: The Joel Hofmann Band

The Roost: Mingo Fishtrap

The Scoot Inn: East Cameron Folkcore, A. Sinclair, Harvest Thieves

Shenanigans: Bad Sign

Shooters Austin: Stooch Band

Speakeasy: Fondue Monks, Big Britches

Spinners Bar & Grill: Smakola of Dirty Wormz

Strange Brew: The Canvas People, David Ducharme-Jones, Jon Dee Graham, Strange Nang

Stubb’s: The Shears, Mobley, the Digital Wild

Swan Dive: Sick/Sea, Cilantro Boombox, RF Shannon

Texas 46 Bar & Grill: Live music

Trailer Space Records: Flying Buttresses, Attic Ted

Triple Crown: Cheryl Murdock, Kabomba!, Hair Farmers

Waterloo Records: The Ton Tons


The ABGB: The (Expletive) Sons of Johnny Cash

AJ’s Ale House Marble Falls: Callahan Divide

Anderson Mill Tavern: Ulrich Ellison

Austin Acoustical Cafe: Jaimee Harris, Betty Soo

Austin Music Hall: Pixies, Best Coast

B.D. Riley’s: Eric Tessmer

The Belmont: Papadosio, the Main Squeeze

The Blackheart: Ben Ballinger, DJ Gross’Yall, So Long Problems

Brass House: Kevin Ahart, Pete Rodriguez Trio

The Broken Spoke: David Madewell, Dale Watson

The Buzz Mill: The Bottom Dollar String Band

Cactus Cafe: Ethan Azarian, Jeff Johnston

Carousel Lounge: Jamgasm2

Central Market North Lamar: Charles Thibodeaux & the Austin Cajun Aces; Westgate: Hot Texas Swing Band

Cheatham Street Warehouse: The Doug Moreland Band

Cheer Up Charlie’s: Party Girl, Magia Negra, Sweet Spirit, Major Major Major

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Jabu Mbara, Chris Petkus

The Continental Club: Redd Volkaert, the Carper Family, James Hand; Gallery: Scarlett Olson, the Mike Flanigin Trio

Darwin’s Pub: Alex Meixner

Dirty Dog Bar: A God Unknown, Air or Ivory, As Dusk Falls, Assailants, Black Oxygen, Cerebral Desecration

Donn’s Depot: Albert & Gage

The Driskill Hotel: Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers

Elysium: God Module, the Witch Was Right, Mordacious, Chamber of Echoes, Bind.Torture.Kill

Emo’s: Keller Williams, Kalu James

Flamingo Cantina: Subkulture Patriots, Phranchyze

Flipnotics: Giulia Millanta

Ginny’s Little Longhorn: Horse Opera, Clay Harrell

Gold Crown Billiards: (Expletive) Factory, Stage of Existence

Gruene Hall: Brandon Rhyder, Clay Thrash

Gypsy Lounge: The Lucky Odds, Deuce Coupe, the Octanes

Haven: Caged Cat Presents: Captain Panic

The Hole in the Wall: The Gay Sportscasters, the Hares

Hotel Vegas: The Bad Lovers

Junior’s Icehouse: Suit

Lamberts: Whalers, Little Lo

Legendary White Swan: Toxic Fuse

Mercer Street Dance Hall: Clay McClinton

The Mohawk: Four Tet, Anthony Naples, Mighty Mountain

NeWorlDeli: Juliana Murphy

Nutty Brown Cafe: Marc Eric

One-2-One Bar: The Soap Boxers, Blue Bear, Jess & the Echoes

The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods Store: Ricky Stein

Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe: Frank Larossi

Poodie’s : Brad Dunn & Ellis County, Whiskey Root

Red Eyed Fly: The Dead Right, American Standard, Silence in Apathy, the Chase Meridian, Light the Sun, Maggie & the Sauce, Eleanor & the Atlan

Riley’s Tavern: Roy Heinrich & the Pickups

River Road Ice House: Backwater Blvd.

Russian House: Paula Maya

Satellite Bistro & Bar: Night Train

Shooters Cedar Park: Sugar Bomb

Speakeasy: Jimmie Dreams

Spider House Cafe & Ballroom: La Snacks, the Sour Notes, the Zoltars, Loteria, Mom Jeans

Strange Brew: Raina Rose, Jimmy LaFave, Sean Michael Devine

Stubb’s: Black Irish Texas, Dropkick Murphys, Lucero, Skinny Lister

Swan Dive: Flying Balalaika Brothers

Tantra Coffeehouse: The Jake Levinson Band

The Tree House: Callahan Divide

The White Horse: Dave Insley, Ramsay Midwood, the Crooks, Whiskey Shivers

Threadgill’s South: Robert Sarazin Blake

Trailer Space Records: The Slizz, Savage Pinks

Westside Alehouse: Jennifer B & the Groove

Whip In: The Columnist


B.D. Riley’s: Joe Gee, Tea Merchants, Sunday in Leith, Kristin Gibbs

Billy’s Ice House: Callahan Divide

Cactus Cafe: Rene Lopez, Nakia

The Continental Club: Planet Casper, the Wagoneers, Heybale!; Gallery: Matt the Electrician, BettySoo, Amy Sue Berlin, Dupree

End of an Ear: She, Sir

Gruene Hall: Texas Independence Day: Amber Digby, Mike & the Moonpies, Cody Jinks

Gypsy Lounge: Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers

The Hole in the Wall: Painted Redstarts, UNTD SNKS, New China, Bremen Riot, Alex Culbreath, Crooked Sails, the Columnist, Outlier

The Mohawk: Amy Edwards, Strangelandic, Sally Allen

Parrain’s Louisiana Kitchen: Jennifer B & the Groove

Poodie’s: Tessy Lou Williams, the Jon Napier Band, Fast Luke & the Lead Heavy

Red 7: Red Ox, Poppy Red, Single Lash, Smokey Emery

River Road Ice House: Cary Windham, Emily Herring

Rodeo Austin: Kris Gordon

The Sahara Lounge: The Javelinas, the Manzy Lowry Band

The Saxon Pub: Resentments, John Gaar, Debbit Walton, Matt McCormick

South Austin Brewing Co.: Lost Gonzo Band

St. David’s Episcopal Church: Graham Wilkinson

Stateside at the Paramount: Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Strange Brew: Sam Baker, the Brewbirds, the Purgatory Players, Sunday Bedlam

Tantra Coffeehouse: Robert Sarazin Blake

Threadgill’s North: Out of the Blue; South: George Ensle

The White Horse: Conjunto Los Pinkys, the Camp Streeters, the Love Leighs

Whip In: Ali Holder


Austin Music Hall: Lorde, Lo Fang

Bat Bar: J Bone & Southern Means

Bourbon Girl: Southbound Blues Duo, William Fortney Trio, North Eastern Alumni

The Chuggin’ Monkey: Greg Talmage

The Continental Club: The Peterson Brothers, Dale Watson; Gallery: Church on Monday, Kalu James

Dizzy Rooster: Modern Day Midas

Donn’s Depot: Chris Gage

Flipnotics: The Bottom Dollar Band, the Bluegrass Outfit

Ginny’s Little Longhorn: Texas Mavericks

Gruene Hall: Bo Porter

The Hole in the Wall: Junkyard Mongrels, Robobilly, the Bluebird Specials, Tex Smith

The Mohawk: Propain, VIP, G Jet, Cory Kendrix, Dieslo, East35, Lil Chris

One-2-One Bar: The Matchmaker Band, the Nightowls

Poodie’s: George Ensle, Bracken Hale

Red Eyed Fly: Sally on the Side, Rick Steinburg & the Stonecastle Family Band

Rodeo Austin: Callahan Divide

The Sahara Lounge: Meagan Tubb & the Shady People, the Hang, Chris King & the Liberators

The Saxon Pub: Lonelyland, Brady Beal, Britney Lobas, Canvas People

Strange Brew: WrenFro, the Brothers Vinyl

The Thirsty Nickel: Melodie Zapata Band

Triple Crown: Gerry’s Kids

Whip In: Ben Balmer

The White Horse: The Hot Nut Riveters, Jim Stringer & His AM Band, Bar Brawl III


B.D. Riley’s: The Suzanne Smith Band

Bat Bar: J Bone & Southern Means, Red Lady

Bourbon Girl: May Sun and the Mojo House

Brass House: Time Out Trio

Carousel Lounge: Pyramid Drive, Flophouse Royalty

Central Market North Lamar: The Copa Kings

Cheatham Street Warehouse: Blue Water Hwy., the Brett Hauser Band

The Chuggin’ Monkey: Sonny Wolf Band

The Continental Club: Toni Price, Barfield; Gallery: The Ephraim Owens Experience

Dizzy Rooster: Tish & The Mizzbehavin Band

Dogwood: Colt Landon Baker and Janie Cowan

Donn’s Depot: Donn & the Station Masters

Evangeline Cafe: Gumbo Ce Soir, the Dan Holmes Band, Austin Cajun Aces

Firehouse Hostel & Lounge: Chico Chico

Flipnotics: Erik Hokkanen’s Laboratory

Gruene Hall: Brock Zeman

HandleBar Austin: Mama Said

Highland Lakes Bar: Grace Pettis

The Hole in the Wall: The John Doe Stompers, Mother Merey & the Black Dirt, the Jankies

Hotel Vegas: Poliskitzo, Recide, Kurraka, Dye

Midtown Live Sports Bar and Cafe: Dishon

The Mohawk: Kevin Seconds, Scott Reynolds, Ian Brent MacDougall

One World Theatre: Sharon Corr

Poodie’s: Tommy Elskes, Kem Watts

Red 7: Los Federales, Transit Method, James Marshall Owen

Red Eyed Fly: Alvin Gay, Justin James Bridges, the Wasted Hearts, the Sensational Fibs

River Road Ice House: Scott Morgan

Rodeo Austin: Thompson Square

The Sahara Lounge: First Flight, the Bus Stop Stallions, Boss Street Brass Band

Strange Brew: Durawa, the Apostles of Manchaca

The Thirsty Nickel: Bomb Squad

Triple Crown: Beth Lee, Jumbofunk

Whip In: Vana Mazi

The White Horse: Gumbo Ce Soir, the Urban Achievers Brass Band


The ABGB: The Bremen Riot, Grand Champeen

B.D. Riley’s: Brooke Aved

Bat Bar: J Bone & Southern Means, May Sun & the Mojo House

Bourbon Girl: Jo Hell Band

Brass House: Pete Rodriguez, Philip Marshall

Cactus Cafe: The Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Steam

Carousel Lounge: Soulphonics, Andra Taylor, Nate Dodge

Chisos Grill: Bob Cheevers

The Chuggin’ Monkey: Mama Said

The Continental Club: Hot Club of Cowtown, the Painted Redstarts, Jon Dee Graham; Gallery: Trube, Farrell & Snizz

Dizzy Rooster

Dogwood: Jonny Gray Trio

Donn’s Depot: Albert & Gage

Emo’s: Switchfoot, Kopecky Family Band, Penny & Sparrow

Evangeline Cafe: Paul Glasse, the Peacemakers

Flamingo Cantina: The Mau Mau Chaplains

Four Seasons Hotel Austin Lobby Lounge: Brett Cline

Gruene Hall: Tom Gillam’s Kosmic Messengers

The Hole in the Wall: D-Madness, Thermostat, 10YR

Kingdom: Henry Saiz

The Long Center: The Whiskey Sisters

One-2-One Bar: The Drakes

Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe: Karen Eubanks

Poodie’s: No Bad Days Open Mic

Red 7: Com Truise, Phantoms

Red Eyed Fly: Loving Ugly, Krishna Lee & the Notions, Manifest Music Company, the Handsome Geniuses

Riley’s Tavern: Tyler Cannon, Manzy Lowry

River Road Ice House: Seth James

The Roost: The Peterson Brothers

The Sahara Lounge: Nic Armstrong, Stephen Sowan, Elijah Ford & the Bloom, Sons of Fathers, After Hours

The Saxon Pub: Walt Wilkins & the Mystiqueros, Thom Shepherd, Johnny Nicholas

The Scoot Inn: Ali Holder

Strange Brew: Van Wilks

TenOak: Josh Fields

The Thirsty Nickel: Sound Advice

Threadgill’s North: Shawn Pander

Triple Crown: Brock Zeman

The White Horse: Robert Allan Caldwell, the Austin Steamers, Mayeux & Broussard, Leo Rondeau


B.D. Riley’s: Kristin Gibbs

Bourbon Girl: The Knowhow

Brass House: Kathy and the Killowatts

Carousel Lounge: Kevin Enders & Cabaret Trio, Arty Twit

Central Market North Lamar: Jess Klein; Westgate: The Jimi Lee Band

Cherrywood Coffeehouse: Tony Redman

Club 1808 & Annex: Sidelined, Teenage Swoon, A New Hope, the High Knights

Donn’s Depot: Murphy’s Inlaws

Evangeline Cafe: Liz Morphis

Flamingo Cantina: Jean Claude Van Jamm

Four Seasons Hotel Austin Lobby Lounge: Dave Scher Trio

Gruene Hall: Ted Russell Kamp

Headhunters: Q Dot

The Hole in the Wall: Berkshire Hounds, Union Specific, 40 Dead Men

Javelina: Paleface

Junior’s Icehouse: Sugar Bomb

Legendary White Swan: The Dead Rabbits

The Marc: Bun B, Kirko Bangz

The Mohawk: Sounds Del Mar, Geniune Leather

Molotov: 7th Annual SXSW Kickoff Tech Happy Hour

One World Theatre: Noche Flamenca

One-2-One Bar: Global Divas Worldbeat Party: Julie Slim, Paula Maya, Naga Valli

The Parish: A Live One

Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe: Danny Santos

Poodie’s: Johnson, Chet O’Keefe

Red Eyed Fly: Hellburner

The Sahara Lounge: The Creamy Middles, Charlie Cotton, This Diamond Life

Satellite Bistro & Bar: Matt Farrell

The Saxon Pub: Patrice Pike, Owen Temple, Curtis McMurtry, Eightysixxed

Spider House Cafe & Ballroom: Chris Strand

Strange Brew: Sam Baker, Murali Coryell, Brock Zeman

Trailer Space Records: New China, the Spoils

Triple Crown: The Joel Hofmann Band, Nicolette Good, Grace Park, Kelley McRae, Molly Malinowski

The White Horse: Silas Lowe, Doug Strahan & the Good Neighbors, Them Duquaines