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Music to their ears

We asked three titans of Austin radio what shows they're most eagerly anticipating this summer.

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Austin 360

'You get so spoiled when it comes to live music in Austin that when it comes to getting excited about a show well in advance, for me, anyway, I feel like it has to be a spectacle like Ween coming to Stubb's or a festival with an insanely great lineup like Willie's Picnic at the Backyard on the Fourth. And even though Ray Price is supposed to be at Willie's blowout, I really think it'll be much cooler to get to see him at One World Theatre, so I don't want to miss that. The hot ticket this summer's probably Neil Young solo at Bass, but I so much prefer the Crazy Horse vibe ... I kind of fell in love with Delta Spirit this year (thanks to the cashier at the Drag Mart playing their CD over and over) so I'm planning on checking them out at Emo's in July. And, of course, I'm holding my breath for the ACL lineup, hoping some of the rumors are true ... '

— David Brown, 90.5 KUT, producer, 'Texas Music Matters'

'Robert Plant and the Band of Joy at Stubb's. He's Robert Plant; he was in a band called Led Zeppelin. She's Patty Griffin. And she's going to sing Led Zeppelin songs with Robert Plant. How unique is that? Pretty unique. Obviously they're two distinctive, singular voices, throw in Buddy Miller and a hunch that because the album's not out and they're going to need familiar songs for people to go see live, they're going to play a bunch of Led Zeppelin.'

— Andy Langer, 93.3 KGSR and 101.5 KROX

'There's so many shows, I don't even know how to narrow it down. Cypress Hill will be great. They played a show for 101X years ago at Auditorium Shores, and they were awesome live because they come out with a full live band. It's not one of those horrible hip-hop shows with two guys screaming. LCD Soundsystem should be good — I saw them years ago and didn't know who they were. A friend of mine drug me out and it was an amazing show. ... And I'm excited by Dia de los Toadies at Whitewater Rocks in New Braunfels. If you're from Texas, you have to like the Toadies. It's printed on your birth certificate.'

— Toby Ryan, 101.5 KROX, music director and weekday afternoon disc jockey