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Buckcherry rides comeback all the way to Erwin Center

David Glessner
Buckcherry (from left, Xavier Muriel, Keith Nelson, Josh Todd, Jimmy Ashhurst and Stevie D) open for KISS on Friday at the Erwin Center. Nelson says he relies on former Austinite Muriel to find good food when they're here.

Armed with Chuck Berry's stolen ID and Motley Crue's libido, Buckcherry came gunning for Axl's roses with the unlikely 1999 cocaine anthem, 'Lit Up.' When second album 'Time Bomb' failed to explode, the party cruise sank, leaving only singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson to reconnect with a new lineup for the million-selling 2006 comeback album, '15,' and its ubiquitous smash singles, 'Crazy Bitch' and 'Sorry.'

We snagged Nelson as Los Angeles-based Buckcherry makes its way to the Erwin Center to open Friday for rock legends KISS.

What's your first childhood memory of KISS?

Keith Nelson:

Have you had the chance to try on Gene Simmons' boots or play with KISS' pyro (on this tour)?

You recently rereleased your 'Black Butterfly' album, but deleted the single 'Too Drunk' and added Deep Purple's 'Highway Star.' Why delete your original single?

Your drummer, Xavier Muriel, played in the Austin bands Brother Love, Saucer and Cadillac Voodoo Choir. Does he show you around when Buckcherry visits Austin?

Buckcherry has a new live album called 'Live and Loud 2009.' Are there songs on the record that you felt deserved a second chance to be heard?

I realized 'Sorry' was a massive hit when I heard it in a grocery store. When did you realize it was a blockbuster?

You and Josh were in an early version of Velvet Revolver with former Guns N' Roses members Slash and Duff McKagan. Have those guys come crawling back to Josh now that they need a new singer?

Actually, Josh's name has been tossed about as a replacement for Tyler in Aerosmith.

Any backlash or jealous boyfriends due to 'Crazy Bitch'?

KISS and Buckcherry perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Erwin Center, 1701 Red River St. $49.50 to $126.