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The crowds go wild for ‘Ford V Ferrari’: now on demand

Matt Shiverdecker, Special to the American-Statesman
Matt Damon stars as a driver with a mission in "Ford v. Ferrari," which is now available on demand. [Contributed by Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox via AP]

Here is an interesting new release available now from cable and digital providers as well as some titles currently available for streaming.

Video on Demand

"Ford V Ferrari": Unfairly maligned during awards season as a "dad movie," James Mangold somehow managed to make a very exciting movie about engineers and car designers working their way toward the 1966 Le Mans race in France. It all begins with Ford Motor Company trying to buy out the Ferrari brand in 1963 in order to compete in this legendary 24-hour race, but once Henry Ford II feels not only rejected but insulted by the Italian sports car maker turning them down, he immediately orders Ford to launch their own racing division with the intention of beating Ferrari (whose cars dominated the race from 1960 to 1965). Enter race car drivers Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and Ken Miles (Christian Bale) who join the Ford team to change history. Nominated for four Academy Awards including best picture, this is a crowd-pleaser from start to the finish line. (Cable and digital VOD, 4K Ultra HD available)

Also on streaming services

"Frances Ferguson": Narrated by Nick Offerman, the latest feature from Austin-based filmmaker Bob Byington tells the tale of our titular character, a substitute teacher who ends up in hot water after having an affair with one of her students. Living in a small town in Nebraska, Frances (Kaley Wheless) is unhappily married with a 4-year-old daughter and it feels as though every single thing and person in her daily life makes her miserable. The movie doesn't simply hand us the answers as to why she would blow up her life in order to have a fleeting relationship with a minor but also presents her life in a non-judgmental fashion. We follow Frances through her trial, release, probation and entrance into group therapy, which leads us to David Krumholtz in a very funny supporting role as her counselor. (Amazon Prime)

"Honey Boy": Shia LaBeouf wrote this incredibly personal film of his time as a child actor and fractured relationship with his father while in rehab. He also stars in the movie playing a slightly fictionalized version of his own father while Noah Jupe (who also plays Christian Bale's son in "Ford V Ferrari") brilliantly acts as a stand-in for Shia's days as a Disney Channel star. Alma Har'el won the Directors Guild of America Award for best first-time feature film last month and it's not hard to see why. She takes a personal and intimate story and fills it with inventive imagery and bold casting choices that allow the film to eclipse what could have easily been a vanity project in the wrong hands. (Amazon Prime, 4K Ultra HD available)