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Matthew McConaughey's doppelgängers: these margaritas

Eric Webb
Matthew McConaughey attends "The Beach Bum" movie premiere during South by Southwest at the Paramount Theatre on March 9, 2019. [Suzanne Cordeiro for AUSTIN360]

We all have a celebrity doppelgänger. I used to tell people mine was either Topher Grace (a stretch) or Jake Gyllenhaal (absolutely the heck not). Even famous people have celebrity doppelgängers. Katy Perry's, for example, is Zooey Deschanel. Or is it vice versa?

Anyway, Matthew McConaughey's celebrity doppelgänger is a margarita. Or rather, several margaritas.

Let's back up. There's a meme going around Twitter where people thread together celebs dressed like various iterations of various objects. For example, you have Tessa Thompson as Pringles:

tessa thompson as pringles: a

— z (@ttomholIand)April 12, 2019

And of course, you have to have Andre 3000 as Pringles:

André 3000 as Pringles: A

— XXL Magazine (@XXL)April 14, 2019

And in a particularly great example of regional synergy, you have Boston boy Ben Affleck as various drinks from Dunkin Donuts:

Ben Affleck as beverages from Dunkin

— amelia wedemeyer (@ameliadeew)April 13, 2019

So, you get the idea. That leads us to our favorite permutation of the meme: McConaughey as margaritas.

— Texas Humor (@TexasHumor)April 16, 2019

— Texas Humor (@TexasHumor)April 16, 2019

— Texas Humor (@TexasHumor)April 16, 2019

— Texas Humor (@TexasHumor)April 16, 2019

— Texas Humor (@TexasHumor)April 16, 2019

Which one are you? I am, without a doubt, Big Red margarita McConaughey. In fact, I look more like that than I have ever looked like Jake Gyllenhaal.


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