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This is not a drill: 'King of the Hill' is streaming on Hulu right now

Joe Gross
"King of the Hill" [Contributed by Fox]

Hank is back.

After a long absence from streaming services, “King of the Hill,” one of the best cartoons ever made and maybe the best show about Texas, period (yeah, “Dallas,” I said it), is back on Hulu.

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Created by Mike Judge and sitcom savant Greg Daniels (“The Office,” “Parks and Rec”), “King of the Hill” is that rarest of comedies: incredibly smart, incredibly funny, incredibly humanist all at the same time. It managed (after a first season where it was finding its tone) to stay sweet and funny for its entire 13-season run. Not even "The Simpsons" can say that. (Don’t @ me; you know it’s true.) Nominated for seven Emmys, winner of two, “King of the Hill” remains spectacular.

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