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No wonder it looked familiar: Austin is the 14th most filmed location in the world

Joe Gross
A still from "Boyhood," which filmed in Austin (and elsewhere in Texas)

Ever watched a movie or show and thought, “Gee, that place looks curiously familiar...wait, is that Austin?”

The answer might very well be “Yes. Yes, it is.”

By compiling data from IMDb's "filming locations" section, including both films and TV productions shot in these locations and removing film studios, the folks at have made an exhaustive list of the most filmed places in the world and Austin ranks a surprising 14th on that list. 

Austin is easily the most filmed city in Texas with 2,257 credited movies and TV productions such as “Miss Congeniality,” “Boyhood,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Slacker.”

Dallas is second with 1,537 such as “Robocop,” “Boy's Don't Cry”  and “Logan’s Run”

Houston sports 1,279 ( “Apollo 13,” “Armageddon,” “Urban Cowboy”)

Here are a few more:

San Antonio has 564 (”Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls,” “Miss Congeniality,” “Pee Wee's Big Adventure”)

Fort Worth clocks 331 ( “Logan's Run,” “Necessary Roughness,” “Walker, Texas Ranger”)

Arlington has 179 ( “The Rookie,” “Prison Break,” “Entourage”)

El Paso has 177 ( “The Counselor, “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Man on Fire”)

Denton has 137 ( “Necessary Roughness,” “Armageddon,” “Bonnie and Clyde”)

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 Los Angeles is easily the most filmed city in the world (33,369 movies and TV production credits)

New York comes in second with 17,738, while London has 11,526.

California is the most filmed state with 52,924 movies and TV productions clocked. New York has 23,939 credits while Texas has 8,164 credits. 

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