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Love music and movies? Keep an eye out for these four SXSW films

Emily Quigley,

Movies about music are a natural fit for South by Southwest and for film fans here in the Live Music Capital of the World; here are four that caught our critics’ attention.

“If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd.” This documentary from Stephen Kijak chronicles the history of the Southern rock band, including its early days and the 1977 plane crash that killed Ronnie Van Zant and several others. Read Joe Gross’ review of the doc, which is expected to air on CMT sometime this year (just try not to yell “Free Bird!” at your TV when you watch).

“Paradox.” How best to describe “Paradox”? Well, there’s some guitar playing, some drumming, characters called Jail Time and the Particle Kid, a voice-over from Willie Nelson, people floating up into the sky … you know, just read Joe’s review of this “ spitball production” from Daryl Hannah and Neil Young, before it begins streaming on Netflix on March 23.

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“Hearts Beat Loud.” Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) stars as a single father who isn’t ready for his daughter to move across the country for college; the sudden success on Spotify of a song they wrote together adds to the complications. Read Matt Shiverdecker’s review of the movie, in which he writes, “I will love Ron Swanson to my dying day, but I think this may be the best performance of Offerman’s career.” The film is scheduled to open in select cities this summer; no word yet on an Austin date.

“Blaze.” This biopic about Austin songwriter Blaze Foley stars Arkansas musician Ben Dickey as Foley and Austin musician Charlie Sexton as Townes Van Zandt, under the direction of Ethan Hawke. In his review, Joe praises the stunning performances from non-actors and calls the movie “an ode to the artist-as-emotional-outlaw, with all the good, bad and ugly that implies.” No release date has been set, but once it comes out, this one is too good to miss.


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