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Six South by Southwest movies you’ll soon see in theaters

Emily Quigley,

Feeling some South by Southwest regret? Wishing you could have been a part of the full film experience? Well, I can’t promise that Steven Spielberg will show up at your favorite cinema anytime soon, but I can tell you when you’ll have the chance to see these big-name movies that played during SXSW.

“ISLE OF DOGS”: The latest from University of Texas alum Wes Anderson opens nationwide March 23. SXSW’s closing night film brought Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Anderson to our fair city; Murray popped up at UT and on Sixth Street throughout the day, which may be why he ended up taking a catnap during the premiere Q&A (or maybe Murray was just being Murray). Read Eric Webb’s review of the movie, which he says “does quite a few good tricks.”

PHOTOS: “Isle of Dogs” red carpet at South by Southwest

“READY PLAYER ONE”: Spielberg’s sci-fi spectacular, based on the book by Austin’s own Ernest Cline, hits theaters March 29. The movie had its world premiere March 11 at the Paramount before a very enthusiastic crowd that was willing to forgive a few technical glitches. Read Joe Gross’ review of what he calls “the geekiest thrill ride ever.”

PHOTOS: “Ready Player One” red carpet arrivals at SXSW

“A QUIET PLACE”: This horror-thriller directed by John “The Office” Krasinski, starring real-life couple Krasinski and Emily “I’m the next Mary Poppins” Blunt, opens April 6. Read Joe Gross’ review of the movie, which he says “works best as a tense fable, a ‘Twilight Zone’ blown into 90 often-gripping minutes.”

PHOTOS: “A Quiet Place” red carpet at South by Southwest

“BLOCKERS”: This sometimes raunchy, sometimes heartfelt comedy about teens trying to have sex (and the parents trying to thwart their plans) will be in theaters April 6. Read Natalie Mokry’s review of the movie,which she says “proves that it is possible for subtle and slapstick to coexist rather nicely.”

PHOTOS: “Blockers” world premiere at SXSW

“FINAL PORTRAIT”: The story of artist Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) and a writer who once posed for him (Armie Hammer) is scheduled to open in Austin on April 13 (but check your listings; this isn’t a nationwide release, so things could change). Read our review from Charles Ealy,who calls it “a subtle rumination on the creation of art.”

PHOTOS: Texas Film Awards Gala red carpet featuring Armie Hammer and more

“HEREDITARY”: It may have been the most terrifying movie of SXSW 2018, so get ready for scares when it opens nationwide June 8. Read Matt Shiverdecker’s review, in which he warns:“Lest you think this is another run-of-the-mill ghost story, think again.”


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