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SXSW 2018: It was Emily Blunt’s idea for husband John Krasinski to direct ‘A Quiet Place’

Joe Gross

In an interview Saturday morning, Emily Blunt, co-star with her husband John Krasinski, said it was her idea for her husband to direct the movie, even if neither of them was much of a genre fan.

“John received (the project) and not with me in it or anything,” Blunt said. “He pitched me the idea and it was such a brilliant concept and I said ‘You direct that film. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, something high concept, intense and so far removed from what people expect of you.” (Think some variation on Jim Halpert.)

“So he took it on as a rewrite and then to direct it,” Blunt says. “Once I read his rewrite, well, I had previously suggested a friend of  mine to be in the film, and I read it and said to him [voice goes to whisper] ‘You can’t cast her, you have to give it to me’ and we were excited by the idea of working together.”

Krasinski backs this up 100 percent. “I was just about to start ‘Jack Ryan’ and a producer called and asked if I would ever be in a genre film.” (We’re gonna assume he means “horror” or “sci-fi” here because, brother, I hate to break it to you, but “Jack Ryan” is a genre picture.)

Krasinski said he doesn’t watch them (“I’m too much of a scaredy cat”) but he loved the concept.

“(My wife) had just had our second daughter weeks before, so I was wide open emotionally,” Krasinski said. “That level of terror in being a new parent help me connect me immediately with that aspect of the story. I said to Emily, ‘I think I might do this movie and they said I could re-write it’ and she said, ‘No, no, no, hearing you talk about your idea, you have to direct this.'”