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San Francisco theater welcomes actual dogs to ‘Isle of Dogs’ screening

Joe Gross
"Isle of Dogs"

Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs,” which closes this year’s SXSW Film festival 8 p.m. March 17 at the Paramount, is a stop-motion movie about a young boy’s attempting to reunite with his dog, Spots, which has been exiled with many other dogs on a trash island off the coast of Japan. One expects many, many dog owners to sob uncontrollably the entire time. 

So, in a move that could turn out any number of interesting ways, San Francisco’s Roxie Theater is hosting a Bring Your Own Dog screening of “Isle of Dogs.”

According to an email from the theater:

“This is a BYOD event! Dogs are invited and will be in attendance at this screening. Dogs and owners will each need to have a ticket to attend. You do not need to have/bring a dog to attend. Owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior. Overly aggressive or uncontrollable dogs will be asked to leave.”

This wondrous event takes place 4 p.m. March 19 IN SAN FRANCISCO, NOT AUSTIN. “Isle of Dogs” opens March 23. 

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