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Alamo Drafthouse to open video rental store in 2018 in North Carolina

Joe Gross
The Drafthouse, shown here in its South Austin location, is opening an old school video rental store in North Carolina

Variety is reporting that the Alamo Drafthouse will launch Video Vortex, an old school video store in 2018 at its not-yet open 11-screen location in Raleigh, N.C.

According to the story, the store will be “one of the largest video archives on the planet. Visitors can return rentals on their next trip to the location or mail DVDs and Blu-rays back to the shop with a return envelope,” a la old school Netflix.

Video Vortex is slated to have DVDs, Blu-rays and a “ ‘massive’ rental selection of rare VHS tapes, including titles never released on digital formats.”

The store is named after the Video Vortex film series.

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No word yet as to whether the Drafthouse has plans to get into the video retail space in the Austin area but it’s not like our fair city is hurting for video stores. Austin is still served by two excellent ones: I Luv Video and Vulcan Video.