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Forgot what happened in ‘Star Wars: the Force Awakens?’ Let’s catch up with the main characters

Joe Gross

It’s been two years since “The Force Awakens” (does this mean is the Force is now wok--nevermind)

Here is where we last left our major heroes and villains at the end of that film:


WHO IS SHE: A young, Force-sensitive scavenger from the desert planet Jakku (where her family long ago abandoned her), Rey is a scavenger, a mysteriously good pilot and a woman with a link to Luke Skywalker she struggles to understand

WHERE WE LAST SAW HER: On the water planet Ahch-To, where she, Chewbacca and R2-D2 have taken the Millennium Falcon to find her potential mentor. Which she does, meeting up with the long-lost... 

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Luke Skywalker

WHO IS HE: The story of “Star Wars” (with the exception of “Rogue One”) is essentially the story of the Skywalker family over three generations. Luke’s father is the late Darth Vader/prequel star Anakin Skywalker, Leia is his sister, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren is his nephew. Luke tried to start a new Jedi order; Kylo Ren destroyed it (we think). Much of “The Force Awakens” is spent looking for this dude who just does not want to be found.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: Dead silent, meeting Rey as she holds out his first lightsaber. Speaking of people Rey doesn’t know, she has not yet met...

Poe Dameron

WHO IS HE: The best pilot in the Resistance, Dameron escaped the First Order thanks to Finn, then fired the shot that destroyed Starkiller Base. He is a well-regarded fighter ace in the model of beloved-by-SW-nerds Wedge Antilles.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: At the Resistance headquarters on D’Qar, hopefully thinking warm thoughts about his buddy...


WHO IS HE: Former stormtrooper FN-2187 who becomes allied with the Resistance and given the name Finn by Poe Dameron. He escapes Jakku with Rey, their adventure together serving as the balance of “The Force Awakens,” and aids in the secret mission to destroy Starkiller Base.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: In a coma after he was beaten like a rented goalie in a terrific-if-one-sided lightsaber duel with...

Kylo Ren

WHO IS HE: Aka Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Gen. Leia Organa. A former Jedi-in-training of Luke Skywalker’s, he turned to the dark side, joined (or formed?) the Knights of Ren and became an enforcer for/leader of the First Order, much as his grandfather Darth Vader had been for the Empire.  He is likely responsible for untold deaths. Kylo Ren killed his father Han Solo during the battle for Starkiller Base, stabbing him in the heart.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: After losing a lightsaber battle with Rey (who scarred his face), Ren escaped Starkiller Base with General Hux and likely returned to the homeworld of his boss, First Order Supreme Leader Snoke. He remains conflicted about his parents, including...

Gen. Leia Organa

WHO IS SHE: Princess Leia, currently in charge of the Resistance, former romantic partner of Han Solo, mother of Ben Solo. 

WHERE WE LAST SAW HER: Ordering folks around at the Resistance base, maybe mourning the death of...

Han Solo

WHO IS HE: Beloved scoundrel, father of Ben Solo and former romantic partner of  Leia, former Rebel general and all-around coolest fictional character is sci-fi movie history. Han Solo had returned to smuggling before running into Rey and Finn aboard the Millennium Falcon.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: Falling to his death after being stabbed in the heart by his son Ben/Kylo. Do not expect to see him in “The Last Jedi.” You are far more likely to encounter...

Supreme Leader Snoke

WHO IS HE: The mysterious leader of the First Order. Seen only as a hologram so far, nobody knows if he is human or alien or related to earlier villains or what.

WHERE WE LAST SAW HIM: As a hologram talking to Kylo Ren.