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‘Her’ and ‘Black Mirror’: two very different visions of the near-future

Omar Gallaga

In today’s Austin American-Statesman, I was lucky to have the opportunity to write about two things I got obsessed with over the holidays: the Spike Jonze film “Her” and the British anthology TV show, “Black Mirror,” which aired in its entirety on DirecTV.

“Her” opens in Austin theaters on Friday (see Joe Gross’s review here) and I was thrilled to have a chance to see it early. I was expecting something a little dark and cynical and instead I saw an open-hearted film about love, being human and why our increasingly reliance on technology might not be a dead end after all.

“Black Mirror,” meanwhile, got under my skin in some very uncomfortable ways. I’d only heard about it from some friends who write about television, but after the first episode I was completely hooked. The comparisons to “Twilight Zone” are apt, but “Black Mirror” is going very deep on the dangers of our tech and the ways it could lead to some nightmarish scenarios. Not every episode is a horror show. Some are funny, one in particular is very sad and another is weirdly romantic. But all of them will make you think about technology you use today.

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