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Virtuix debuts new competitive VR experience at Dave & Buster's

Victor Ren
A photo of the new Omniverse VR Arena.

Virtuix, a virtual reality company headquartered in Austin, debuted a full body, competitive VR experience at Dave & Buster's on Thursday. 

The Omniverse VR Arena is an attraction for up to four players, where guests can play virtual reality games with or against their friends and compete on the leaderboard, according to Virtuix in a press release. The VR Arena comes with four games, with more being announced soon. 

The VR Arena uses the latest version of Virtuix's Omni Treadmill, which lets players run or walk in full 360 degree motion, enabling the user to move freely in their games, Virtuix stated.

“We are thrilled to bring VR ARENA to Dave & Buster’s,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, in a statement. “We believe this exciting and active gaming experience will fit well with the venue’s audience.”

The experience lasts 15 to 20 minutes and a queuing system allows players to know when it's their turn. After their time in the arena, players can share videos of themselves on social media. 

Virtuix was founded in 2013 and developed The Omni, a 360 degree motion platform that allows players to move around in their virtual reality games. The company have shipped 3,000 Omni systems to entertainment venues around the world.