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Austin Eastciders debuts newest canned cider, a very limited lemon ginger flavor

Arianna Auber
Austin Eastciders' new series, Maker's Stash, releases in six-pack cans this week. The first flavor in the series is Lemon Ginger.

Now that Austin Eastciders’ Collaboratory — a tasting room, barrel house and small production facility — has been up and running for more than half a year, the popular cidery is ready to release its newest project in cans. 

The Maker’s Stash series launches this week to offer experimental riffs on its traditional-style cider. First up is the Lemon Ginger Cider, a snappy, effervescent mixture of bright lemon and spicy ginger with the boozy base of Eastciders’ crisp, dry cider. 

Launching in Austin, Dallas and New York City starting today, it’s the perfect cider for summer thanks to that Moscow Mule-like profile but will only be available for a limited time in six packs of sunshine-colored cans.

Eastciders has always played around with unusual ciders. Remember the savory cider featuring brisket from local Micklethwait Craft Meats? During South by Southwest this year, the cidery also released a draft-only cold brew cider full of Cuvée Coffee at its Collaboratory on Springdale Road. 

Recent experiments have been the work of Eastciders’ research and development team, led by R&D manager Brittany Perlo. 

“Flexing our creative muscles with flavor experimentation is one of the best parts of the job,” she said in a press release about the launch of Maker’s Stash.

Each edition of the Maker’s Stash series will feature specially designed artwork. The Lemon Ginger Cider’s can — dotted with illustrations of lemons and ginger root — was the creative vision of Austin artist Lauren Dickens, who wanted “to convey a sense of energy and ‘pow’ since those flavors are really vibrant on the palate,” she said in the press release.

Having the Collaboratory, which opened in November last year at 979 Springdale Rd. next door to Friends & Allies Brewing, has allowed Eastciders to test out the viability of some of its small-batch ciders before releasing them more widely. The Collaboratory also houses a growing barrel program.

But Eastciders produces the bulk of its cider, including the most recent mainstay canned option, Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider, at a massive space in Southeast Austin 10 minutes away from the tasting room. 

It is by far the largest cidery in town. Austin Eastciders has grown 88 percent per year thus far and is also the fastest growing of the top ten craft cideries in the country, according to the press release. The Maker’s Stash series is just one way Eastciders has returned to its small-batch roots.

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