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Here’s the summer necessity Texans are looking for this year

Katey Psencik
David Voss noticed how often brands and businesses offer free koozies at events and made a habit out of taking one with him, so he now has an extensive koozie collection that comprises places he's been or beers he's liked.

What’s your favorite summer accessory? A hammock? A bicycle? A skateboard?

Home Run Inn, a Chicago-based pizzeria, put together a map of the most-searched summer items on Google, and it may be no surprise what Texans are the most obsessed with: koozies.

The most-Googled items in other states range from burgers and grills to popsicles and flip-flops. Texas is the only state on the map that, above all other summer fun items, loves koozies.

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If you’re from Texas, you probably get it. It’s warm pretty much year-round here, so it’s important to make sure your cold drinks stay that way (and your hands and tables stay condensation-free). If you’re at a barbecue or floating the river or on a boat or on a beach with your feet in the sand, you need protection. You need a koozie.

They’re simple items, cheap to buy and even cheaper for manufacturers to make. But they can represent something bigger: a memory of good times past. So while those other states are wondering how to keep themselves cool by searching for air conditioning, sprinklers or porch swings, Texans know where their priorities are. 

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