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Going to Whataburger after you get married is the most Texas of all traditions

Katey Psencik

Could this be any more Texan?

Texas’ favorite fast food restaurant, Whataburger, just posted a story on its website about couples who go to Whataburger after their weddings (considering couples rarely get a chance to sit down and eat on their wedding day, this is actually pretty genius). 

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The story features seven Texas couples, including San Francisco 49ers player Pace Murphy, among others.

It’s far from the first time Texans have paid homage to the beloved fast food joint while getting hitched. One Texan went viral last year for dancing with a bag full of Whatagoodness at his wedding, and another gained Texas fame after asking for Whataburger table tents for his wedding

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Texans love Whataburger so much, we’ve even got advanced sommeliers suggesting what wine goes best with its food. And don’t even get started on the table tents -- people are constantly stealing them (don’t do that).